GCO 100 | portable CO measuring device

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Manufacturer: Greisinger

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product description

carbon monoxide (CO) is created by the combustion of carbon.

Depending on the effectiveness of the combustion (oxygen supply) and the temperature of  combustion more or less CO gas is created. The gas is inflammable and highly toxic. It is invisible, tasteless and scentless. Even smallest concentrations are dangerous for human beings!

Therefore directives exists in Germany limiting the maximum concentration of CO gas at work (MAK / AGW) to 30 ppm.


  • monitoring of the air quality (e.g. at workplace)
  • controlling of heating plants, gas therms and fireplaces
  • monitoring of air at maintenance works (tunnel, flue gas tracts...)
  • detection of CO in breathing air of smokers (% CO Hb)
  • recognition of CO toxication, e.g. at fire vicitms (fire brigades, etc.)

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