Meteorological monitoring of road conditions

The Lufft-GMA (Advanced Road Weather Information System) consists of one (or several) road surface sensor(s) for measuring of
  • Road surface temperature (surface and 2 depths, e.g. depth of 5 cm and 30 cm)
  • Salt content / freezing temperature
  • Different road conditions like dry, moist, wet, snow, ice
  • Waterfilm thickness

In combination with meteorological sensors (air temperature, dew point, relative humidtiy, wind speed and wind direction, type and intensity of precipitation, radiation, barometric air pressure, snow depth etc.).

These data are registered by the UMB weather station and forwarded corresponding to the application. Alarm and limit settings are done in the software GSG-Meteocontrol.

According to your requirements we are arranging together with you the optimum system for your individual application. Please describe us your requirements, our team will contact you as soon as possible!

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