general terms and conditions

International General Terms and Conditions of GSG Geologie-Service GmbH (outside EU)


General data / conclusion of a contract



Our services in the fields examinations of  foundation soils, geology, hydrology, environment and waste deposits are subject to the rules of VOB, VOL, VOF and HOAI, which may be viewed in our rooms in their present valid version


For all (also future) deliveries, these general terms and conditions are valid exclusively.
In addition, if necessary, the attached conditions of the manufacturers, which are being referred to additionally, are valid.


In case of deviations from these general terms and conditions, additional agreements and collateral agreements require the written form or the explicit written confirmation.


Our offers and remarks concerning instruments traded by us and our product descriptions are subject to being sold, except there is an explicit written assurance. 
With regard to the continuous technical development and improvement of our products we reserve changes in construction and design  in contrast to the data of our various printed material as well as to our web sites, as long as the worth of the products offered by us is not affected and the modifications are not unreasonable for the customer.
This is also valid for modifications, which save the ability of the product.


Contracts of sale are concluded only by a written confirmation of the order or the acceptance of the dispatched goods  by the customer.


The assignment of rights and duties resulting from the contract of sale require written consent of  GSG Geologie-Service GmbH.


Prices and terms of payment


For consignment  the list prices at the moment of  placing the order or of the confirmation of order are valid, unless there are more than four months between contract of sale and delivery date agreed.
If, after that period, material costs or the cost price in line with real market conditions  rise, we will be entitled to rise the price appropriately, according to the increase in costs. 
A customer's withdrawal is only  legitimated, if the increase in cost exceeds the increase of common costs of living between order and consignment more than marginally. 

If the customer is a trader, a  juristic person of public right or a special property under public laws, changes in price are authorized according to the aforementioned provision, if there are more than six weeks between completion of the contract and agreed delivery.


Our prices are exclusive of shipping expenses, without software, separate accessories, installation, instruction or other collateral services, unless there is a different written agreement.


The purchase price, as well as fees for collateral debts become due immediately and are to be paid pure net without any deduction. A payment applies as being made, as soon as GSG Geologie-Service GmbH is able to dispose of the amount.

In case of a default of payment we are authorized to charge default interests of 5% above the current reference interest rate published by the European Central Bank.

The assertion of a delay damage beyond that  is reserved. Bills of exchange or cheques are only accepted  by agreement and for reasons of fulfilling and declared valid as payment only after having met. Discount- and collection expenses are debited to the customer. 

We are not liable for punctual presentation.


If the customer does not accept the goods sold, we are authorized to impend on acceptance or to demand 20% of the purchase price as general  damage and expense compensation respective.
We reserve the right to claim an  evident higher damage.

The general compensation is reduced to the extend the customer gives evidence for lower expenses or for a smaller damage.


The customer is entitled to rights of detention only as far as his counterclaim auf is based on the same  contractual relationship.

Balancing of the costs by the customer is excluded, except the counterclaims of the customer are legally  established or acknowledged by us.


Period of supply


Binding delivery dates must be agreed in written form.The period of supply agreed starts at the date of the confirmation of the order.

The period is observed, if the consigned good left GSG Geologie-Service GmbH before the period has expired.


The period prolongs, should the occasion arise, for the period, until the customer has handed out the necessary data and documents necessary for the execution of the order.


All delivery periods agreed are subject to correct and punctual self supply.


The  delivery period prolongs in an appropriate way  at measures within the scope of loss of working hours, especially strike and lockouts, as well as circumstances beyond our range of responsibility such as legal or official orders (e.g. import- and export restrictions) or in cases of delivery delays due to higher forces.

We are also not liable for conditions mentioned above if they emerge during an existing delay. 

We will inform our customers about begin and end of such obstacles in important cases as soon as possible.


If we get behind with our delivery, our compensation is limited in cases of minor carelessness to an amount of 50% of the predictable damage. 

Further claims are only justified if the delay was caused by on purpose or by  gross negligence.


Delivery, distribution, transition of risks


We are authorized to make part deliveries, unless another agreement has been made explicitly and as long as no disadvantages for use result from that.
Part deliveries are considered as independent deliveries for financial obligations, transition of risks and guarantee liabilities. The customer is not authorized to reject independent part deliveries.


We choose the kind of dispatch the route and the firm entrusted with the delivery to our judgement, if the customer does not give explicit instructions.


The risks are transferred to the customer as soon as the dispatch with the objects dispatched has been delivered to the forwarding agent, the carrier, or other persons or institutions chosen to execute the delivery.


Exchange and taking back


The satisfaction of our customers is very important for us. Should you, as a private customer nevertheless be dissatisfied with our products you may return them within a fortnight after arrival of the goods at the consignee. Shipping costs have to be born by the customer.
Firms and authorities are completely excluded from exchange and taking back.

Exchange and taking back is excluded if the original package is damaged. 
For reasons of licence law exchange or taking back of any software is excluded on principle . 

The right of return also is inapplicable, if the products show traces of use.


Reservation of proprietary rights


We reserve the proprietary rights of a article for sale until the complete settlement of all claims of the supply contract including collateral debts (e.g. costs for bills of exchange, financing costs, interest etc.) . 

If the customer shows behavior contrary to the terms of  the contract we are authorized to demand a return of the article for sale upon reminder, the customer is obliged to return the goods. 

Taking back as well as distrait upon the article reserved, means no withdrawal of the contract.

In case of distraints or other interventions of other persons the customer is obliged to inform us in written form.


A processing or remodeling of the article for sale by the customer is always executed for us.
If an article for sale is being processed with other objects, not belonging to us, we gain co-ownership of the new product according to the relation of the worth of the article for sale to other processed objects at the moment of processing.


If an article for sale is being mixed up with other objects, not belonging to us, we gain co-ownership of the new product according to the relation of the worth of the article for sale to other mixed-in object at the moment of mixing.
If the object of the customer is to be regarded as main object, the customer is obliged to transfer proportionate co-ownership to us. The customer is keeping the co-property for us


The customer is allowed to resell the products in regular way of business.
However, he hands over all claims against his purchaser or other persons to us right now according to the  purchase price agreed upon with the customer (sales tax and collateral debts included), which arise for the customer from resale, independent of the fact whether the articles for sale are being resold without or after processing. 
The customer is authorized to withdraw these debts after their cession.Our authorization, to withdraw these debts ourselves is untouched, however, we place an obligation on ourselves not to withdraw these debts, as long as the customer meets his  financial obligation regularly and is not in default of payment. 
If this case occurs though, we can demand, that the owner reveals the transferred claims and their debtors ghines all information necessary for seizure, hands over the appropriate documents and informs the debtors (other persons) of the cession.


Warranty / exclusion of liability


We guarantee for a period of 2 years after delivery date that the articles for sale are free of defects according to the latest developments in technology.

Liability for usual wear is excluded.

Warrranty claims are not valid for wearing parts such as toner, floppy-discs, CD-recordables etc. and other articles of consumption.

Used products are being sold with exclusion of any warranty.

Concerning further claims and rights we are only liable in cases of intention and gross negligence. For the rest warranty is excluded.


We are not liable for damages and defects which were caused due to  improper use, not taking note of application instructions or incorrect or negligent treatment. This applies especially for an operation of the objects with wrong current or voltage as well as connection to  unsuitable power sources.

The same applies for damages and defects, which can be explained with fire, lightning , explosion or net dependent overvoltages, humidity of any origin, wrong or lacking  program-software and/or processing data, except the customer proves, that these conditions are not causal for the criticized defects.


Any warranty expires, if the customer performs interventions and/or repairs devices himself or by persons not authorized by us, without explicit written consent from GSG Geologie-Service GmbH.


Obvious defects have to be indicated  immediately, however not later than five working days after acceptance of the delivery in written form; otherwise all deficiency claims are excluded. In commercial traffic additionally §§ 377, 387 HGB apply.


As far as a defect of a article for sale is within our responsibility, we have the choice between a correction of faults and compensation. 

The customer is obliged to make an backup of his data on own costs before handing over the article for the purpose of repairing or examination.


If we are not willing to realize compensation or if the correction of faults fails at least once, the customer has the choice between withdrawing from the contract or demanding an appropriate reduction of the purchase price.


Further demands of the customer - independent of   legal argument - are excluded, unless deviating agreements have been made explicitly.

We are therefore not liable for damages which did not origin directly  in the article to sell; in particular we are not responsible for lost profit or other financial damages of the customer. 
The release of liability mentioned above does not apply if the damage was caused by intention, gross negligence or lacking of a promissed feature, violation of essential contractual duties, service delay, impossibility, as well as claims according to §§ 1, 4 of the Product Liability Law.

We are not liable for the restoration of data, unless we have caused the loss intentionally or with gross negligence and the customer has ensured that a data backup has been made, so that  a reconstruction of the data is possible with reasonable effort.


Damage claims against us can be advanced in all cases, even in cases of failed repair or additional delivery, only if we can be charged with intention or gross neglicience or if promised  qualities are lacking

If we are not liable, this also applies for the personal liability of our employees, collaborators, representatives and debtors agents.


Withdrawal and compensation of not executed orders


We may withdraw from the contract if we get to know about a stop of payment, die institution of bankruptcy proceedings or legal arrangement proceedings, the rejection of bankruptcy for lack of assets, protest of a bill or a cheque or concrete clues concerning  worsening of the financial circumstances of the customer.



If we withdraw from the contract or if the order is not executed for reasons that have to be justified by the customer, the customer has to pay a lump redress of  10 % of the purchase price for our expenses and profit lost.

We reserve the right to claim an evident higher damage. The lump compensation reduces to such an extend as the customer can prove that lower expenses or a lower damage was caused.


Software, literature

There are special stipulations on delivery of software. This applies to all licence or special conditions caused by the producer. 

The customer gives his consent by acceptance of the delivery.


Utilization of customer data
We are authorized to process all data concerning  business relations with the customers according to German law.


Export permit
Eventually  for export of deliveries objects consents required by the Bundesamt für gewerbliche Wirtschaft in Eschborn/Taunus, are to be obtained by the customer at his own expense.
The prohibition of such an export permit does not authorize the customer to withdraw from the contract.


Place of fulfillment, domicile, partial inoperativeness, applicable law


Wuerzburg is being agreed upon as place of fulfillment for all mutual contractual duties, possible guarantee claims included

All relations between supplier and us are under German law, the laws concerning international sale of movable objects included, even if the supplier's headquarters is abroad. Wuerzburg is domicile.


In case of ineffectiveness of  single regulations of the supply contract or of the general terms and conditions all other regulations remain valid.

International trade is under German law.


GSG Geologie-Service GmbH, 
Wuerzburg, 28th May 2015.

Headquarters of the company: 97080 Wuerzburg, Am Sand 9, Germany
HRB 6713, manager: Dipl.-Geol. Markus Mentele