shipping costs

All prices listed in this shop are to be understood as prices German V.A.T. of currently 19 % incl. plus shipping/packaging costs (within the borders of Germany EUR 8.50 UPS/ EUR 9.00 German post package insured).

If the value, German V.A.T. of currently 19 % included, is more than EUR 200.00, no shipping costs have to be paid within the borders of Germany (if no outside area). The minimum order value is EUR 15.00 V.A.T. of 19 % incl..

At sale against payment in advance we are sending our invoice with the bank data via E-mail or fax before payment to you. If requested, the invoice can also be issued as printed version and be sent to you e.g. by postal mail.

If you choose payment in advance via PayPal, please make sure that your PayPal data correspond exactly with the delivery address of your order. (identical (company) name and address). Otherwise, no shipping is possible. Should the PayPal E-mail-address differ, please inform us about your PayPal E-Mail address, too.

Please do never arrange PayPal-payments in advance! You will always receive a payment request as well as the invoice from us, after we reviewed your order.

Within the borders of Germany it is also possible to pay C.O.D. at shipment by UPS and at a order value from EUR 50.00 to EUR 1,000.00 V.A.T. of 19 % incl..
The additional fee for C.O.D. is EUR 8.00.

The articles ordered are usually ready for dispatch within 0-4 working days, if not noted differently at the single articles.
In case that items are not available, we will contact you soon and try to find alternate solutions.
In case of a delay in supply you are receiving an information from us with the differring delivery date.
In general at GSG: Please contact us by telephone, if we do not react within 24 working hours after the entry of your order.

It is possible, upon request, to order scheduled or express deliveries.

At shipments abroad we are submitting an individual offer to you. In general, it is possible to ship worldwide.
Feel free to contact us, we will do our utmost to assist you.

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to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

UPS Standard

within the borders of Germany

Calculation Total price
from EUR 15,00 to EUR 200,00 EUR 8,50
from EUR 200,01 to EUR 50.000,00 EUR 0,00
from EUR 50.000,00 - No Shipping -

post parcel (up to invoice amount of EUR 500.00 max.)

within the borders of Germany (up to invoice amount of EUR 500.00 max.)

Calculation Total price
to EUR 200,00 EUR 9,00
from EUR 200,01 to EUR 500,00 EUR 0,00
from EUR 500,00 - No Shipping -

international shipping upon request

Do not hesitate to contact us: +49 (0) 931 / 30 40 8 -0,

Calculation Total price
to EUR 100.000,00 EUR 0,00
from EUR 100.000,00 - No Shipping -