G 1107-... | fine manometer

Product.Nr.: G 1107

Manufacturer: Senseca (ehemals Greisinger)

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product description

Successor of GDH200-07


  • Increased resolution of 0.1 Pascal at high accuracy for fine pressure adustment
  • Universal ports for the use of different pressure connections:
    screw connection, quick-connect, push-pull - everything can be connected to the device directly!
    You are able to choose which connection type is the most practical for you, the device will remain the same.
  • Modern and functional housing - pocket-sized
  • Excellent price-performance-ratio
  • 3-lines, backlit display / head-up display by pressing a button
  • Robust, long battery service life
  • Quick, precise and high resolution
  • Zero point stable and independent on position
  • Calibratable / traceable
  • Made in Germany

Application areas:

The device with its measuring range up to 200 mbar / 2 kPa and the high resolution of up to 0.1 Pascal in the optimized fine pressure mode covers substantially all applications in the field of gas pressure (150 hPa) and settings of burners.
The high accuracy simplifies pitot pressure settings and is also suitable for tension measurements.
The value measured is independent on the position - this is not a matter of course in this field!
Suitable for HVAC: gas and burner pressure (pressing), chimney draft measurement, preparation of 4 Pascal tests, blowerdoor, filter test (e.g. automotive DPF, fuel cell filter), substitute for U-tube manometer.